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|| Stopped Mark Entry ||
Sr.No.Exam PeriodFacultyPatternCourse
1 201710 Engg ENGG_P2012 T.E.2012
2 201710 Engg ENGG_P2008 T.E.2008
3 201710 Engg ENGG_P2012 B.E.2012
4 201710 Engg ENGG_P2012 F.E.2012
5 201710 Engg ENGG_P2012 S.E.2012
6 201710 Engg ENGG_P2014 F.E.2014
7 201710 Engg ENGG_P2015 F.E.2015
8 201710 Engg ENGG_P2015 S.E.2015
9 201710 Engg ENGG_P2015 T.E.2015
10 201710 Engg ENGG_P2008 B.E.2008

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