Savitribai Phule Pune University
Welcome To Internal Marks System

Please follow the process for filling confirmation of marks for NON-ENGINEERING only .

  • 1. Practical Coordinator/ External Examiner are requested to to send marks list copy to concerned college.
  • 2. Principals will appoint HoDs.
  • 3. Principal/HoDs of all colleges will create batches and appoint Internal for each Subject, Even if Practical Exam is Conducted at different Center.
  • 4. Appointed Internal Examiner shall fill up the marks from marks list received from Examiner / Practical Coordinator
  • 5. Internal Examiner shall upload scanned marks list received from practical coordinator, if exam is conducted at different Exam Center. This facility is available in mark entry screen.
  • 6. Click Confirm.
Exam NameStart DateEnd Date
248130901 : M.E.(Rev.2013)COMPUTER (COMPUTER ENGINEERING)18/01/201906/05/2019